Accordeus, via its Negotiation Breakthrough range of services, is the leading source of negotiation and relationship management expertise. We use our insider knowledge of negotiation, relationship management and related processes to deliver innovative and effective services to organisations who want to improve their performance.


From Negotiation Breakthrough Bootcamps to three day bespoke training programmes, Accordeus can successfully train the inexperienced and people needing to brush up on the latest negotiation skills.

Accordeus differentiates its Negotiation BreakthroughTM training workshops from others that are available to provide the ultimate learning experience.

We blend our in-depth knowledge of procurement processes with that of our know-how of negotiation strategies and tactics to a range of training workshops from intensive bootcamps to indepth courses over several days.

The trainer to delegate ratio is intense so that a balance is achieved between group participation and personal attention. Courses are finely tuned following years of experience.

The content, location and duration are tailored to your specific requirements.

We focus on: 

  • Quality (both input and output)
  • Preparation (with you, as required)
  • Delivery
  • Post-event follow-up
  • Participation - retention of information is increased when practiced, not taught. We use best practice models and techniques that work in real life




  • Training needs are assessed and a training development plan agreed with your organisation
  • Individual performance and capability is measured before, during and following the course (for instance every three and six months)
  • Emphasis is on role plays and negotiation simulations - the workshops are not lectures!
  • 360 degree feedback is given to delegates and an action plan is agreed




  • Superb return on investment / payback - positive impact on profits from post-course deals
  • Upgrading of an individuals and / or a teams' skill base, and their level of confidence before and during negotiations, producing sustainable results
  • Development of plans and the implementation of them in real business situations post-workshop



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