Accordeus, via its Negotiation Breakthrough range of services, is the leading source of negotiation and relationship management expertise. We use our insider knowledge of negotiation, relationship management and related processes to deliver innovative and effective services to organisations who want to improve their performance.


Accordeus works with you to devise effective negotiation plans and strategies so that you meet or exceed your negotiation goals and aspirations. We bring innovative ideas that differentiate you and practices that build sustainable financial and non financial benefits.

Organisations often only get one opportunity to get it right in a negotiation – Accordeus enables you to maximise your chances of doing so.

Accordeus uses its experience of how organizations negotiate, either to buy goods and services or simply to negotiate a desired outcome with another party / organisation, to develop your organisation’s knowledge and understanding of negotiations as well as professional procurement practices and requirements.

We introduce you to ways of increasing your success in such areas as negotiations, tenders and eAuctions, client meetings and presentations, contract and service level agreements. We share effective ways to nurture your prospective clients and grow your existing relationships with other parties.

Below are just some of the ways in which Accordeus helps organizations

Where ACCORDEUS’ SOLUTIONS add value to your organisation


  • Vision
  • Breakthrough Strategy formulation
  • Ways to think 'outside of the box'
  • Maximisation of Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 'Quick wins, medium term gains, long term growth'
  • Selection of prospects and targets
  • Prioritising alternative opportunities


  • Innovative ideas to achieve breakthroughs
  • Dynamic action plans to ensure closure
  • Effective nurturing of prospects
  • Cultivating existing relationships
  • Dealing with the right people
  • Strategic account management
  • Winning negotiation behaviours and actions 


  • Maximise customer satisfaction and retention rates
  • Develop the right SLA’S and KPIs
  • Build sustainable financial and non financial benefits
  • On-going differentiation of your company
  • Managing risk


Tenders / eAuctions – how to approach, and proven ways to increase success

The art and science of negotiation – what the other party will say and do, and when

Contract & SLA formulation – increase your return on investment

Client's selection criteria – improved understanding

Visits / meetings / presentations – do's & don'ts for success

CSR and ethics - appropriate ways to approach

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