Accordeus, via its Negotiation Breakthrough range of services, is the leading source of negotiation and relationship management expertise. We use our insider knowledge of negotiation, relationship management and related processes to deliver innovative and effective services to organisations who want to improve their performance.


Use Accordeus' resources to negotiate an even better deal

Tap into Accordeus' resources to achieve an even better negotiation result - we have an excellent reputation for exceeding clients' expectations for negotiating the results sought by either negotiation party.

Accordeus provides interim or contractor resources for the following:

One-off transactions

Multiple projects

Time based assignments

How Accordeus works with you

  • We work alongside you to understand your goals and help you to stretch yourself
  • We perform diagnostics, identify and agree priorities, create gap closure plans
  • Apply our insider knowledge of processes, industry, companies and organizations, and trends to give you the best advice
  • We assimilate relevant strategic and tactical factors (e.g. any wider commercial considerations)
  • We implement strategies and plans efficiently and effectively
  • We monitor results and ensure we are on track to meet or exceed your aspirations 

Our people

  • Highly experienced hands on negotiators - including practicing procurement personnel
  • A proven track record of achievement
  • Professional people with a varied background in all sectors and industries 
  • Highest standards of ethical behaviour
  • Qualified and accredited - for example, Member, Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)

Mediation and dispute resolution (industrial relations, crisis management)

Accordeus provides resources to act as a neutral and impartial third party, and facilitates and manages the resolving of disputes. Accordeus will bring together two or more parties and will mediate a positive way forward in which mutually beneficial outcomes are agreed. This often results in stronger relationships between the parties in dispute.

Accordeus uses experience combined with proven tools and techniques, and interpersonal skills, in order to create productive outcomes

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