Accordeus, via its Negotiation Breakthrough range of services, is the leading source of negotiation and relationship management expertise. We use our insider knowledge of negotiation, relationship management and related processes to deliver innovative and effective services to organisations who want to improve their performance.


Accordeus provides highly bespoke personal coaching and mentoring services in order that individuals are fully enabled to operate to their maximum potential.

Our service is particularly useful for specific negotiations / business relationship problem solving and capitalises on Accordeus' insider knowledge of negotiation related disciplines. Far from a generic coaching and mentoring service, Accordeus is proud of its' tailored coaching and mentoring programmes and services for individuals or teams within your organisation.


Higher individual performance within your organisation

Increased financial and non-financial results

Individual sense of responsibility and accountability

"Stretches" people - an individual's comfort zone is expanded - personal strengths are developed and negative constraints are overcome

Morale increases as performance increases

Attrition reduces and a more skilled and inspired individual and team is created


Our approach

Individual - a bespoke personal development strategy is developed to enable goal setting and gap closure plans

Credible - the experience of the negotiation coach is the key

Trustworthy - the coach quickly establishes his or her trustworthiness and reliability for the quality of the coaching

Independent - the coach brings a complete fresh third party perspective

Challenging - stretches individuals perceptions and views to reach 'out of the box' to attain higher performance levels

Listening - perhaps the most important skill of a coach

Encouraging - a non critical approach is used so that individuals attain higher performance

Confidential - everything is simply not repeated by the coach outside of the agreed channels



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