About Us

Accordeus Group, via its Negotiation Breakthrough range of services, is the leading source of negotiation and relationship management expertise. We use our insider knowledge of negotiation, relationship management and related processes to deliver innovative and effective services to organisations who want to improve their performance.

About Us

Accordeus Group Ltd is the leading source of negotiation expertise enabling organisations to meet their goals in regard to negotiations and relationships between different parties. Our brand, Negotiation Breakthrough, is highly refined to deliver key services and solutions to organisations seeking to enhance their performance.

Headquartered in London, UK, Accordeus was founded in 2005

In 2011, Accordeus announced another key milestone in its development with the launch of its partner organisation, The International Centre for Negotiation, whose vision is to become the most respected source of negotiation research and best practice around the world.


Our people are chosen for their high level of cross-industry experience and talent in:



Sales and Business Development

Relationship Management

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Richard Oldfield, our Founder and Principle Consultant, has over twenty years of international negotiation experience across all industry sectors, and remains actively involved in the day to day delivery of our services. Richard Oldfield is a seasoned speaker and commentator on the art and science of negotiation, Richard Oldfield is also the founder of The International Centre for Negotiation and a non-executive director of several companies.

Our people have an outstanding track record of achieving sustainable outcomes / performance improvements to organisations. They are motivational and inspirational people yet pragmatic and realistic, and relate to your organisation's challenges and requirements.

Our values

Accordeus places the highest possible emphasis on the quality of delivery which is maximised by combining our knowledge with our seven core values:

We care We have integrity and are trustworthy We treat everything as confidential  
We are innovative We focus on you and not ourselves      We are passionate about what we do

Our modus operandi

We work as intimately as possible with our clients - using and transferring our skills so that organisations meet their goals in a sustainable manner.

Accordeus assesses client's requirements, closely monitors the work being implemented, then measures and agrees with the client the financial and non-financial benefits gained, as well as customer satisfaction. Accordeus does not then leave an organisation to their own devices - we care enormously about the performance of our clients and we work with them to ensure that value continues to be delivered.

Our processes are flexible, however, the quality of our output is not negotiable. Accordeus uses Key Performance Indicators to measure performance.

Social Responsibility

Accordeus believes in putting something back into the wider community and has, for example, chosen to support the Cystic Fibrosis Trust both financially and non-financially. Please visit www.cftrust.org.uk for further information and how you can also support this very worthwhile charity.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

In the delivery of its services, Accordeus adheres wherever feasible, to saving the environment in which we operate.



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